The lyingest liars according to Google

After idly noticing that a search on the world “lies” brings up several results about Bush on the first page, I was curious how many hits you get from other combinations. Here’s the names that broke a million:

“Bush” and “lies” = 16,400,000 hits
“Clinton” and “lies” = 2,420,000 hits
“DeLay” and “lies” = 1,890,000 hits
“Moore” and “lies” = 1,610,000 hits
“Kerry” and “lies” = 1,370,000 hits
“Gore” and “lies” = 1,300,000 hits
“Cheney” and “lies” = 1,290,000 hits
“Carter” and “lies” = 1,280,000 hits
“Kennedy” and “lies” = 1,270,000 hits
“Nixon” and “lies” = 1,220,000 hits
“Reid” and “lies” = 1,200,000 hits
“Condi” and “lies” = 1,190,000 hits
“McCain” and “lies” = 1,160,000 hits
“Coulter” and “lies” = 1,150,000 hits
“Rove” and “lies” = 1,140,000 hits
“Rumsfeld” and “lies” = 1,130,000 hits
“Chomsky” and “lies” = 1,120,000 hits
“O’Reilly” and “lies” = 1,110,000 hits
“Limbaugh” and “lies” = 1,070,000 hits
“Franken” and “lies” = 1,050,000 hits
“Pelosi” and “lies” = 1,040,000 hits

I tried several prominent names from around the world but most of them either bring up too many hits in which a meaning of the word other than the dishonesty one is used, or brings up too many hits that rightly belong to someone else. A search on “Saddam” and “lies”, for instance, will get you more results about Bush lying than about Saddam lying.

An exception was “Blair” and “lies”–that one brings up 1,350,000 hits.

Now to believe that every one of these froods are the shifty decepticons they’re made out to be would be as naive as to believe that none of them are. So how do you tell who’s a slithering reptile and who’s not? Well I recommend you do the lazy thing and simply use the above rankings.


3 responses to “The lyingest liars according to Google

  1. Well, gosh, the statistical significance between DeLay and Pelosi drops off mighty fast here!

  2. Good to see that W is leading in some kind of a poll.

  3. Well, if you want a real eye-opener, do a google “I’m feeling lucky” search on a–hole (without the modesy dashes) and see what you get. I think you’ll be shocked…

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