Speaking of Iraq

And speaking of Strategy Page, when you look into what’s going on beyond the body counts, what you find is that we are in fact succeeding.

A major breakthrough in counter-terrorist operations is the ability to actually track down the people behind the specific terrorist bombings. People are more willing to talk, especially in the Sunni Arab community. There, the attitude is that the terror campaign has failed, the Shia and Kurds have an unassailable military edge, and that if the violence does not stop, the Sunni Arab community will be destroyed. Even Sunni Arabs in neighboring countries are telling the Iraqi Sunnis that resistance is futile.

If you’ve been following events, you know that the radical Shia, of course, are the greater concern now. Have been for some time.

This has created an even more intense backlash against al Qaeda, for whom surrender is unthinkable. Al Qaeda has made a major commitment to success in Iraq. Failure here will be a major defeat. But failure is what is happening. Iraqi Sunni Arab tribes are actively going after al Qaeda groups, and now these Sunni Arab tribal militias are cooperating with the American and government security forces in tracking down the al Qaeda bomb factories, bomb builder and bomb delivery teams.

Referring of course to the turning of Anbar Sunnis in support of the government just a couple weeks ago. That breakthrough was more along the lines of what I consider newsworthy.


One response to “Speaking of Iraq

  1. The surge hasn’t really started, and thus far it looks positive.

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