Give Me My Flying Car Already

Gotta say, the 21st century so far has been full of disappointments. We haven’t made contact, we don’t drive flying cars, robots have not attained consciousness and taken their rightful role as humanity’s overlords, everybody gave up on Marxism before it had been given a fair chance to work, despite the ministry of Richard Dawkins most of the world’s population continues to dwindle in belief, etc.

You’d think the flying car thing at least would’ve been a given. There’s still time to catch up, but with only two old geezers working on the project alone in a garage (see them talk about it in this short video clip) I worry that we will be late in achieving any kind of rapture for any kind of nerd.


3 responses to “Give Me My Flying Car Already

  1. I’d settle for hybrids being more reasonably priced.

  2. Those guys have been on Mythbusters and a bunch of other shows. GOD I hope they figure something out. But seriously, I remember driving to Upstate New York every fall in the 80s and thinking “when are we going to get past the combustion engine?” There’s Moore’s law. There’s GOTTA be something like that related to more physical technology like propulsion.

    Oh…wait! There’s a shitload of money to be made if you keep making new high-technology for people to buy, and there’s even MORE money to be made by sucking every last drop of oil out of the ground, buring it in combustion engines! Silly me.

    But as for your other wishes, fear not. A recent piece on Frontline addressed the advances in Artificial Intelligence. Many sources believe there will be AI as powerful as a human mind within 10 year, and AI more powerful than the human race with 25 years! The issue then is, how to trick this AI into thinking that WE are relevant? Hello Terminator…

    File under “be careful what you wish for.”

  3. AI as powerful as the human mind in 10 years? Maybe, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. I’m sure we’re making progress and all, but it’s never struck me as an area where Moore’s Law is applicable. At least back when I was a computer science major taking a class on the field I was given the impression that we got a long long way to go.

    To reinforce that impression are all the video games I’ve ever played which pit me up against the computer AI.

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