This Planet is Freaking Me Out!

And Saturn is too! Take a look at what NASA detects on Saturn’s north pole. And this on Saturn’s south pole. Creepy.

You can watch the hypnotic thing spin like the galactic mind control device it probably is.


(via Jeremy Gilby)


3 responses to “This Planet is Freaking Me Out!

  1. A friggin’ hexagon. I mean, how does that happen? It’s damn near perfect? How do / what kind of forces create 60° angles and straight lines of clouds like that?

    Way friggin’ cool.

  2. Seriously. And it keeps its shape while spinning. I sure look forward to when someone is able to explain this.

  3. Wha-huh? Sorry, I was trying to follow the conversation, but after staring at the spinning hexagon for a couple of seconds I blacked out and woke up several hours later, exhausted and enrolled in the Junior Campers (again!).

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