On Tetris

I love studies that demonstrate I am getting some benefit when I play a video game. In fact I go out of my way to look for them, and whenever I come across another it’s all the justification I need to go play the most violent, antisocial, expensive, time-consuming games I can get my hands on.

In this case that game is Tetris.


Tetris needs no introduction, but here’s the story of its birth retold by one of its creators who, due to living in a country where private business was prohibited and intellectual property nonexistent, and due to the weaseliness of Western entrepreneurs, did not receive in payment so much as a cornflake for his work in developing the classic. Proving that when you get right down to it, looking at capitalism and communism there is no good reason, really, to think one is any better than the other. (I hope you didn’t believe that last sentence)

And here’s Sayumi again, the J-idol I dedicated my first post on this blog to.


This time I kinda sorta have an excuse to display her picture. Sayu, it turns out, has mad Tetris skillz. When I learned where her scores usually range I said to myself, “Honey, there ain’t no way I’m letting a girl that cute be better than you (me) at a video game.”

So I went back into training. I’m pressing one hundred S-blocks a day.

By the way, did you know that mathematicians have proven that “Tetris is tough”? In case you were wondering what in the world do we have mathematicians for, there you go.


And now we arrive at the informative part of this post–There are places online where you can play Tetris for free!

Don’t worry, you can rest assured that no matter how many hours you spend, no Russian dead or living will get a cent out of you. Look on the high score list for “hydralisk”. It is even conceivable that you might top my high score, which would be okay as long as you are not a girl as cute as Sayu.

2 responses to “On Tetris

  1. Has got to be one of my best games of all time … and i as well am a strong supporter that computer games are more beneficial than a bad influence over anyone.

    Better hand eye coordination, better test your wits and logic (in the case of tetris and alot of other puzzle games) and it would allow people to vent out after a hard day’s work and strategize all around (in the case of the total war series and other major RTS games)

  2. Preach it, brotha 🙂

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