The Great Afterlife Debate

Having previously read the writing of or heard the speaking of both of these two gentleman, I knew this was gonna be a great debate. Michael Shermer, a prominent hardcore skeptic, and Deepak Chopra, a New Age author who writes about consciousness, mix it up at the Skeptic website. They touch on NDE’s, OBE’s, ESP, remote viewing, animal intuition, prayer, talking to the dead, mind fields, quantum mechanics as it relates to consciousness, the nature of the soul, and much more.

It’s quite long but a great read if you find this kind of stuff as interesting as I do. First Shermer attempts to debunk a wide variety of paranormal claims related to the subject of Chopra’s most recent book. Then Chopra responds. The nature of this debate format is that the person who goes second appears to have won the debate. It would be highly interesting to watch the two of them duel over specific points in a back-and-forth manner.

Where do I stand? My jury is still very much out!


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