Hollow Earth Theory

I’ve always been fascinated with theories that purport that the Earth is hollow. Never mind that these claims are contradicted by what scientific evidence tells us about the earth’s mass, makeup, and gravitational field. It’s fun to think about. Imagine a world within our world waiting to be explored. How cool would that be?

Of course there have been many theories advanced over the years. The one that tickles me the most, largely owing to the seriousness with which its adherents follow it today (even to the point of planning an expedition!), is the theory that our planet has an opening near each of the two poles. They estimate the holes to be 90 miles wide at its narrowest point, and ten times that wide at the outer and inner surfaces. The shell of the earth is assumed to be about 800 miles thick.

north polar opening

But wait, wouldn’t all the oceans drain into the center? No, the gravitational strength of the Earth’s shell is sufficient to keep the water in place, according to the theory. (in fact, Newton’s Shell Theorem contradicts this)

What we could expect to find in the center of the earth would be anyone’s guess. One variant of the theory proposes that the planet contains an inner sun, and therefore any manner of life might exist on the inner shell.

hollow earth

And by the way, other planets in our solar system may be hollow too! Proponents of the theory marshal various evidence to support this, such as this image of a storm on the south pole of saturn.

Here’s where the proposed south pole opening at Antarctica may be — in an area of low radar reflectivity.

antaractica opening

As to the motives world governments might have in keeping this all a secret, I’m not sure what the explanation is. Probably the usual about wanting to keep the population ignorant because we’re not ready for the truth.

Isn’t it fascinating? The science fiction lover in me (a big part of me!) wishes it could be true, and you can see why conspiracy theories get the traction that they do.


4 responses to “Hollow Earth Theory

  1. I’ve heard that the lost 10 tribes of Israel live inside the Earth, but that’s pure nonsense. Everyone knows that Lord Kinbote’s lava men rule the core!

  2. Also nonsense.

    The truth is that if you were to venture into one of these holes (created by the unauthorized drilling in the Arctic by secret divisions of Haliburton) you would find the “Bohemian Cove”, a clandestine base of operations for Bush and Cheney and their minions to hatch Hegemonic plans for oil and conquest. It’s also where they house the billions of Gitmo detainees and Patriot Act offenders whose Holy Qurans have been abused so badly that the Murdoch-led MSM can’t be trusted not to squeal were they to see it.

  3. The earth is hollow, the biggest government secret of all times. During project “Highjump” Byrd fired on the Nazis and was captured, 30 men were killed because of Admiral Byrd careless behavior. The good news is the Nazis treated the men who survived the ordeal and returned Byrd and all the men involved in the interior world conflict to a large Navy carrier. The Nazis in their UFOs transported the treated wounded and the fatalities on the carrier Byrd was ordered by President Trumen never to speak about it. This is concealed history.

  4. Nice post man. I too am fascinated with the hollow earth theory. Have you read about Admiral Richard Bird? You’d be wise to look into him.

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