War on Terror Defined

The attitude of frank zero-shit tolerance our military people have can be downright refreshing. Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West’s defense of the War on Terror over at Atlas Shrugged is one of the keenest I’ve seen. I want to quote the entire thing but I’ll just post this snippet:

As I look at our fighting young men and women here in Kandahar and all around Afghanistan, I am proud. It is their turn now. No matter what is decided back inside the Beltway, they will not let any of us down. Actually the obstinate behavior of our legislative body has emboldened not the enemy, but rather our troops. They feel you have let them down, but they love a challenge; they will prove the anti-war crowd wrong, and will love it.

Booyah! How can you not respect that?


3 responses to “War on Terror Defined

  1. Juba the sniper

    The sorry degenerate losers of the US military have sold their worthless lives to the government, and shall have no say in the policy.

    Civilian control over the military is a cornerstone of democracy

  2. The attitude of those who despise the US military is equally frank, it appears :O

  3. His point is off topic. You never mentioned, nor does the article mention anything about his issue.

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