An Iraqi MP on TV

We are like a tiny bird born in a cage. Along came America and broke the cage open…but the bird does not know how to fly because it has never used its wings.”

Wow! I would like to see a longer clip showing the responses of the other three members of the panel, but still, wow! I’m pretty sure what this man is saying is not politically correct where he comes from. Yet he is saying it all the same, and with conviction.

Arabs tend to have a strong cultural pride which plays perfectly with the popular notion of national sovereignty as sacrosanct. It’s why so many of them were able to condemn the interference of Western nations in Iraq’s affairs at the same time that they were condemning Saddam Hussein despotism–and I’m not just talking about 2003, I’m talking about 1991!

As for myself, I maintain that there is nothing sacrosanct whatsoever about the sovereignty of a tyrant.


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