Torture in China

What methods are Chinese authorities using these days? From just one article alone you can glean a lot.

• suspension by handcuffs behind the back (a kind of strappado)
• slamming head against the wall
• beatings with pipes
• beatings with hammers
• beatings with electric batons
• good old fist beatings
• bamboo spikes
• submersion in sewage

Some of their other favorites include burnings, sexual abuse, electric shock, force feedings, drug torture, freezing and exposure, and water dungeons. You don’t suppose the Chinese government’s statement last year criticizing the human rights record of the USA should be taken to mean we ought to be trying a little harder to do things their way?

5 responses to “Torture in China

  1. The relationship with the US and China has so many issues, not least of which the abyssmal record China has with regard to human rights. I can no longer buy products from that country.

    The blatant hypocrisy of the US policy towards this nation that makes the combined regimes of Hitler and Stalin look like Disneyworld, and the way that we correctly disengaged from South Africa, due to their policy of apartheid is so upsetting if numbs the mind.

  2. Well, I doubt there’s any regime that could make Hitler’s or Stalin’s look like Disneyworld, but certainly they are all in the same horrendous class. Sadly, this kind of behavior is not axiomatic to China but is what all authoritarian regimes must do if they want to maintain their monopoly on power. It goes on far more often and in far more places than most of us ever want to know about.

  3. Count the number of the killed since “The Cultural Revolution” which still goes on, although it has been glossed over with a veneer of corporitism. While it does go on in far too many places, China is the leader of the pack in numbers, due to their size. Read about what conditions they have brought to Tibet, where now most of the girls are “state prostitutes”. When Pol Pot wanted the bulldozers for his killing fields, I have no doubt he contacted Peking – Beijing to fill the demand.

  4. If scale is the unit of measurement we use to weigh crimes of humanity then of course China wins the prize due to its sheer size exactly as you say.

    Some people would say Pol Pot was the worse crime on a per capita basis. One out of four people exterminated just blows the mind.

  5. PP Definitely is in the A**hole Hall of Fame!

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