Patrick Moore

We’ve all heard of Greenpeace, but have we heard of Greenspirit?

I learned of them when I became curious about its founder Patrick Moore, a co-founder and former Greenpeace president, who had interesting observations to make in The Great Global Warming Swindle (a show I can’t recommend, unfortunately; more on that later perhaps). Having played an instrumental role in winning the attention of citizens and governments over environmental issues, Moore left Greenpeace in 1986 and became a critic of the organization which, in his view, has become ever more extreme.

Not surprisingly, the environmental movement considers him a heretic. Having perused the short auto-biography given two years ago in his Nuclear Statement to the US Congressional Committee he comes across to me as wholly level-headed. He advocates nuclear energy, believes environmental reform must be weighed against its effect on economies, and is a moderate global warming skeptic.

His take on today’s environmental movement is particularly interesting to read and supports a conclusion I arrived at a long time ago — that the environmental movement, like the civil rights movement in America, having in large measure accomplished its admirable goals, survives today by clamoring for increasingly unreasonable positions. (reparations for slavery, for instance)

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