Resident Evil 4 vs Gears of War

I’m thinking something like this.

Graphics/Sound: Too close to call.

Gameplay system: They both work and are both challenging in their own right. Again, too close to call.

Story: Neither one shines. However, the dialogue in Gears is not bad while the dialogue in RE4 induces physical pain.

Variety: RE4 has more weapons, more boss fights, more challenges, and just more stuff in it.

Size: Gears is a game of normal length. RE4 is like a lifetime’s work.

Multi-player option: Gears has one. RE4 does not.

Extras: RE4 has a number of features beyond what the regular game requires, such as the Shooting Gallery and Mercenaries. Almost enough to make up for the lack of a multi-player option.

Miscellaneous: RE4 is extremely well polished in every detail. Gears imho is a notch behind. For instance, Gears sports three difficulty levels as opposed to RE4’s two. But the third of these difficulty levels is so unfair that it actually *hurts* the game.

Verdict: At the end of the day I do prefer RE4, yet either of these gems is sufficiently spankingly sweet to hold one’s attention for weeks?/months?


3 responses to “Resident Evil 4 vs Gears of War

  1. Gears was fun for a while and had some cool features, but I’ll always be loyal to RE4. Always.

  2. Until RE5 comes out, at which point you will drop RE4 like a ton of bricks, yes?

  3. Well, yes. Assuming I have access to an Xbox 360 on which to play it, yes, I’ll drop RE4 like 5 tons of bricks! Then again, hasn’t emulation taught us that good games die hard?

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